Life Changing Opportunities For A Better Tomorrow

Robert Antonio Levy, aged 16 years was murdered a few yards from his home in Hackney whilst trying to prevent a fight. Robert had a kind and considerate nature, because of this he was always thinking of others.  On the 16th September 2004, Robert went to the aid of a younger boy who was being threatened by a schoolboy with a knife.  Robert suffered multiple stab wounds at the hands of the 15-year-old schoolboy.  Attempts were made to save his life but tragically he died.

Robert had just completed his GCSE’s and had started his A-levels.  He was a bright youngman who had a whole life ahead of him with a desire to fulfill all of his dreams and ambitions, mainly to become an architect.  His life was taken by another youth who felt the need to carry a knife without thinking of the consequences.

As can clearly be seen in the media, knife crime is still prevalent within our society and a comprehensive approach should be taken by national and local government along with the local community in general to tackle these issues. Over the past five years thankfully the number of fatal knife incidences have reduced. This is of no comfort to any parent who has lost a child even during the decline. Our community should not become complacent and must continue to demand more to be done to prevent even one member of our community becoming a victim of gun or knife crime. We should not only demand more to be done but we must ensure we as individuals play our part in halting the tide of violence that could so easily become the accepted norm.

The bravery of their son has inspired Ian and Patricia Levy to create the Robert Levy Foundation so that the issues surrounding knife crime are highlighted and brought to the attention of everyone.  They hope that through events and by working within the community, young people can be encouraged to find appropriate ways to become better citizens, thus preventing further loss of life.

The philosophy of the Foundation centres around the core principles of a good community and education.  One in which everyone is responsible for bringing up every child in our community. All young people in the community has the absolute right to be protected, the responsibilities which must accompany the their rights must be made clear to them. Without this we will continue to build a community where everyone has rights but no responsibility to each other or to the community in which they live. Education is central to the foundation and the work we do. it is only through education that our young people can be confident of being able to have a future in which they can be proud of who they are and are in a position in which they can fulfill their life’s ambitions.